CLM specializes in time-sensitive cargo deliveries. Last minute cargo flights, or "hotshots", can save the day in a variety of situations. Knowing the market and where to find the aircraft are of critical importance when time is tight, and CLM can help with both.


We have the experience to navigate these situations. With a global network of trusted providers and a 24/7/365 mission specialist at your disposal, we are your source for seamless service throughout your mission.



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CLM is a charter broker with a global digital jet charter market place, and is not a direct air carrier. All flights advertised to which CLM has access are owned and operated by a properly licensed third party air carrier with Part 135 and Part 121 authority from the Federal Aviation Administration (or other appropriate authority under US or foreign law) and Department of Transportation. CLM is fully compliant with US Department of Transportation part 295 and 298 Charter Broker rules. CLM does not carry additional liability insurance. Passengers are covered by aircraft operator insurance.