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Empty leg flights are the positioning segments of flights that are already scheduled to fly. When an airplane takes a passenger from Point A to Point B, the airplane has to return to base. The return portion is called an empty leg. Operators must charge for round trip in order to return their airplane to base. offers those empty legs at a discounted rate.  Empty leg flights can pick up and drop off at other airports along their routes. There may be time and date restrictions on these flights. If you are travelling on business, or if you are on a strict time schedule, we do not recommend buying an empty leg.


One-way flights are often point to point flights that are offered by an operator or broker in order to reduce the costs on specific busy routes. These flights are not empty/positioning flights and are usually charged at 60-75% of a round trip price.  ie. New York to LA is a popular route and some operators/brokers will sell a point to point flight for a flat rate.



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