Travelling with Pets


We are animal lovers and welcome your furry family. Private jet travel is the most convenient and stress free travel for pets. Unlike travel on the airlines, your animal can stay with you in the cabin. We offer a number of amenities for their comfort: all-natural treats, dinner and snacks that can accommodate various dietary needs (including raw), comfy blankets, comfy beds, toys, seat harness and shoes. There are some rules for having pets in the cabin; please speak directly with one of our Charter Specialists

 at the time of booking, about your needs.


Here are a few of the top reasons to fly private with your pet:

  • Your pet remains with you in the cabin throughout the flight

  • Less distractions and stress for your furbaby

  • Reduced stress for you

  • In-flight dining; we have a menu, just for pets

  • We arrange for and handle all customs, handling and permits to travel internationally with your pet

  • They are your family


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