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Why CLM?


Industry Experience: The Private Jet Advisors at have over 25 years of industry experience in international and domestic luxury travel. It's about the little things: goes above and beyond to create that experience that you are looking for on board your jet. We have created in-flight themed parties, had estheticians on board for in-flight nails and massages, transformed the cabin into a flying bedroom for comfortable overnight flights, had favourite meals delivered from specific restaurants; all of that above and beyond while delivering impeccable service.

Discretion and Security: Your privacy is guaranteed on our flights. We will work with your security team or handlers to minimize any challenges affecting your privacy or security.


We respect your hard earned money: We negotiate all flights with your best interests in mind. We save you money where we can and manage expenses so you get the best quality experience and the best value for your money.


Private Jet Advisor: You will be assigned one Private Jet Advisor and that person will be available to you for any and all private charter needs. We do not have an answering service so your experience will be fast, personalized and efficient.

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